Biorhythm calculation: meaning, physical, emotional and intellectual cycle


Meaning and calculation of single and couple biorhythms as cyclical succession of biological activities in relation to astronomical and geophysical cycles.

Human biorhythm

The Biorhythms, alternation of biological activities that are repeated cyclically in close relationship with the natural astronomical and geophysical periods (day, month and calendar year, lunar month, rhythm of the tides, etc.).

Calculation of personal and couple biorhythm

You can calculate your biorhythm for a specific day in order to know if it will be a problematic day for you or a day when you will be in good shape.

Just enter your data of birth date, name and date of the established day to calculate the biorhythm and, as soon as you have sent the data, you will have the answer on the screen.

For the couple's biorhythm, all you have to do is enter the same data as your partner, and in a few moments the tool will calculate the optimal days for you two.

The calculation of the biorhythm starts from the assumption that the performance of each person is subject to three particular cycles:

Physical cycle: is the one with a shorter duration corresponding to 23 days and influencing strength, endurance, confidence, energy, aggression and courage.

Emotional cycle: lasts 28 days and determines moods, cheerfulness, creativity, dose of optimism, well-being and emotional sensitivity.

Intellectual cycle: represents the longest one, lasting for 33 days, and has an influence on perceptual ability, reasoning, acuity of evaluation, critical judgment, aptitude for making decisions and sensitive skills.

Meaning of biorhythm

Biorhythms therefore express the cyclical changes in human life that influence a person's state of being day by day.

Biorhythm Calculator (May 2022)

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