Bolzano (South Tyrol): what to see in 1 day


What to see in Bolzano, one-day itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Duomo and cable cars to go up to the nearest peaks.

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Capital of the autonomous province of the same name, Bolzano is located at an altitude of 264 meters and occupies the eastern part of a basin originating from the meeting of the Isarco, Sarentina and Adige valleys.

Three cable cars connect the city to the nearest peaks, very popular excursion destinations, overcoming a drop of a thousand meters.

The cable car of the hill, climbs to Monte Pozza with arrival at Colle di Villa, the cable car of Renon, allows you to reach Soprabolzano, and the cable car of San Genesio, from the name of the village it reaches, connects the center with the Salto plateau.

Bolzano is a very lively city also from a cultural point of view, with various museums and an interesting architectural and artistic heritage, including the Cathedral, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta.

The construction of the Cathedral of Bolzano was started in the eleventh century, only the foundations of the primary basilica remain, which can be seen inside.

The exterior, rebuilt after being partially destroyed by bombing during the Second World War, is a remarkable example of Gothic architecture.

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The cladding, made of red marble from Val Gardena and yellow marble from Bassa Atesina, is decorated with balustrades and gargoyles.

Approaching the building from Piazza Walther, it is possible to appreciate the magnificence of the complex, with a green-gold roof.

The bell tower, decorated with pointed windows and flying buttresses, rests on a square base of Romanesque origin, while the rest of the construction dates back to 1517, the work of Hanz Von Schussenried, a famous Swabian stonemason of the time.

Under the arcades of the center there are shops with inviting shop windows and, during the Christmas period, the traditional Christmas market takes place in Piazza Walther.

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Around the city there are vineyards with valuable production and magnificent mountains rise, including the Mendola chain, the Salto plateau, Monte Tondo, which is a minor peak of the Renon, and Monte Pozza.

Looking east you can see the magnificent Catinaccio mountains with the Vajolet towers, which are part of the Dolomites.

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