Bordeaux sauce with ox marrow


How to make Bordeaux sauce, ox marrow recipe with shallot and bay leaf, to be cooked in meat broth, list of all the necessary ingredients and guided preparation process.

Ingredients for 4 people

- 100 g ox marrow

- 2 dl full-bodied red wine

- 1 finely chopped shallot

- 25 g butter

- 1 pinch of powdered thyme

- half laurel leaf

- 1 nut for meat broth

- 1 teaspoon lemon juice

- salt

Preparation of the Bordeaux sauce

Brown the chopped shallot in the butter, then add the ox marrow, thyme and bay leaf.

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Appnea the shallot begins to take on color, add the red wine, to be reduced to a quarter of its volume before extinguishing the flame and passing everything through a fine pass.

Put the sauce back on the heat and add a glass of boiling water in which the nut for the meat broth must have been dissolved first.

Leave to simmer for a quarter of an hour, then add the lemon juice and remove from the heat.

Adjust the salt but with much moderation, bearing in mind that the broth made with the nut is already salted.

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