Braga (Portugal): what to see in the ancient city


What to see in Braga, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Cathedral, the Pelican Fountain, the Tibaes Monastery and the Sanctuary of the Good Jesus.

Tourist information

The Church and its traditions have always had a decisive role in Braga, even today the main reasons for tourist attraction and Christian pilgrimage are represented by the celebration of Holy Week and the Cathedral.

The Rua de Souto, which crosses the entire historic center leading to the Cathedral, was built at the request of the counts of Portucale, Henry of Burgundy and his wife Teresa.

Although it is of Romanesque origin, today it preserves few testimonies of the time, including the Nave plan, the Porta del Sole, a frieze that runs along the external walls, and the apse of the cloister.

In the Cappella dei Rei, one of those that surrounds the cloister, the tombs of Henry of Burgundy and Donna Teresa are located, together with the remains of the archbishop Lorenzo Vicente, hero of the battle of Ajubarrota.

What see

Not far away are the house and chapel of the Coimbras, both dating back to the early 16th century and built in the Manueline style.

Other noteworthy monuments in Braga are the Pelican Fountain, in Baroque style, the blazon of Archbishop Gaspar de Braganza, the Benedictine monastery of Tibaes and the Church of Our Lady of the Pueblo.

Going up a long granite and plaster staircase, surrounded by nine fountains, you arrive at the Neoclassical Shrine of the Good Jesus, which is located in a dominant position from the hill, from which you can admire a magnificent panorama of the city.

Welcome to BRAGA. A Charming City in Northern Portugal. (March 2024)

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