Briscola: how to play, deck, rules and players


How to play Briscola, number of players, type of deck, what are the rules of the game, course and card scores.

Origins of the trump game

The trump game apparently originated in the Netherlands around the 16th century.

Subsequently, it arrived in Italy where it spread very quickly throughout the country, maintaining more or less the same rules everywhere.

Which deck of cards you need

A 40-card deck is used for this game. The deck of French cards can also be used, but the jokers, the eight, the nine and the ten must be removed.

These last three must be replaced with three figures, which according to the regions are: a woman, a horse and a king; a horse, an infantryman and a king, or an infantryman, a woman and a king.

In all cases their value will be respectively 8, 9 and 10 points.


A briscola can be played in two, in four and even in three if you remove a card from the deck.

In the case of four players, two pairs are formed.

Preliminaries and course

The chosen dealer shuffles the cards, has his right hand neighbor cut the deck and then deals them out, handing three to each player, starting with the one sitting on his right and ending with himself.

At this point, the dealer turns the last card over the deck of cards and places it, face up on the table under the deck, and crosses it, so that a part of it remains visible.

The suit of this card, for that hand, is the suit of trump, the cards with this suit have a supreme value compared to all the other cards of different suits.

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After each game round, players take one card each from the deck in the middle of the table.

The first one to take is the player who has conquered all the cards played in the previous round.

In the Briscola game the most valuable cards are called "loads", that is, the aces and 3s of each suit.

While to go smoothly is meant when playing a worthless card, the lowest possible.

In this game we try to conserve the loads for the last few laps, in order to use them when the opportunity to conquer many points presents itself.

Generally, but it still depends on the cards in the player's possession, in the last hand play, all players try to take the card indicating the trump, placed under the deck.

To do this on the penultimate round, all players try not to take, in order to draw last and win the trump card, since it is the player who made the last trick to draw the card first.

Before playing the last three cards, the two players of the same pair can quickly exchange the cards to check them and then return them to their partner.

Keeping in mind that the first player to place a card, determines the suit of hand with it, and that subsequent players can play cards of any suit, in the end the player who places a Briscola suit card with value wins of major hold, or failing that, a hand suit card with higher hold value.

If there are no Briscola suit cards or hand suit cards, the first hand player wins as the only player to have played a hand suit card.

The suit of hand is determined from time to time by the first card played, and can coincide with the suit of Briscola and in this case the hand is won by the player who plays the suit of Briscola with a higher trick value.

Card scores

- Ace Points 11

- Three Points 10

- King Points 4

- Horse Points 3

- Jack or Woman Points 2

- 7 Points 0

- 6 Points 0

- 5 Points 0

- 4 Points 0

- 2 Points 0

The hold value is in descending order: ace, 3, king, woman, jack, 7, 6, 5, 4, 2.

Who wins briscola

A game is won if the player or the couple score at least 61 points.

The game is equalized if both sides score 60 points.

How to play Brisca (April 2021)

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