Brisighella (Emilia Romagna): what to see


What to see in Brisighella, an itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including Rocca Manfrediana, Via degli Asini and Torre dell’Orologio.

Tourist information

The village stands close to a chalky cliff and is dominated by three hills on which the Rocca Manfrediana, the Monticino Sanctuary and the Clock Tower rise.

The historical part preserves the medieval atmosphere with its alleys, courtyards and perched houses.

Stairs carved in plaster adorned with pomegranate trees, small houses and panoramic terraces, characterize the beautiful paths that lead to the Rocca, the Clock Tower and the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Monticino.

The heart of the village is Piazza Marconi which overlooks Palazzo Maghinardo, the town hall, and the very particular via del Borgo, also called via degli Asini, an elevated and covered road, illuminated by characteristic arched windows of different sizes, with the ceiling supported by wooden beams.

This patrol walkway was built between the 12th and 13th centuries as a defense bulwark, later it was covered and incorporated into the houses.

The portico, which was used by the birocciai to transport the plaster from the nearby quarries, takes its name from the donkeys that were used to tow the wagons, which were called birocci.

The Clock tower dating back to 1850 was rebuilt on the ruins of a 13th-century fortification, from its top you can admire the panorama that embraces the entire valley and the village below.

What see

On the nearby hill stands the Manfredian fortress, built in 1310 by the Manfredi of Faenza to control the Lamone valley, currently it is home to the Museum dedicated to the relationship between Man and Gypsum, with a section concerning the history of the castle.

From the Rocca you can admire a beautiful panorama over the other two hills of the village, one with the Clock Tower and the other with the Monticino Sanctuary.

On the third rock stands the Sanctuary of Monticino, dating back to the XVIII century, where an ancient terracotta image of the Madonna and Child is preserved.

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In honor of the Madonna del Monticino, one of the oldest festivals in Romagna takes place in September.

Brisighella is known not only for its architectural and natural beauty, but also for its gastronomic products, including the Brisighello DOP extra virgin olive oil, the Marzolino truffle, also called bianchetto, and cured meats.

Throughout the year there are festivals featuring seasonal products, as well as very attractive exhibitions and celebrations such as the Medieval Festival which takes place annually in June.

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