Burgundy (France): what to see in the region


What to see in Burgundy, an itinerary through this region of France, where art and typical dishes merge, which is why it is an ideal destination for those who want to do cultural tourism.

Tourist information

Renowned region of France, Burgundy enjoys a splendid combination of nature with artistic heritage and culinary specialties that make it an excellent reference point for quality tourism.

The capital is Dijon (Dijon), while other major cities are Chalon sur Saone, Auxerre, Macon and Nevers.

In Burgundy the green areas are very extensive, the territory is gently undulating with wide horizons.

The inhabitants mainly carry out agricultural activities and this has made it possible to keep the original natural heritage almost intact.

The climate is slightly continental, with cold but acceptable winters, since in January at the most the temperatures drop by 1 or 2 degrees below zero.

Summers are mild with maximum temperatures, in the months of July and August, never above 28 ° C.

You can taste the excellent wines renowned all over the world, Charolais beef, Bresse chickens, the famous Burgundy snails, tasty fish and much more.

Those who love to immerse themselves in nature can take advantage of the presence of vast forests, hiking trails, lakes and rivers.

What see

The architectural heritage is very rich and varied, with Romanesque monuments, cities of art and abbeys.

The "Cote d'Or" is famous for its quality controlled vineyards while the "Saone et Loire" stands out for its waterways, Romanesque churches and magnificent castles, all completed with the possibility of tasting local gastronomic specialties, including including Charolais beef, Bresse poultry and Macon wines.

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