Calicanto flower meaning: a child's smile


Think of the calicanto flower with the simplicity of a child for the little things of nature that make you smile by opening your heart.

Meaning of the calicanto

It was a cold December night of many, many years ago and the whole world was sleeping.

Many men slept in their homes, many in the huts and the shepherds slept with their flocks.

The animals slept too, many were hibernating.

The plants had already dropped the leaves in order to rest better throughout the winter.

Only a seedling of calicanthus was wrong in the season: she woke up while everyone was asleep and loaded her sprigs of flowers.

Near her there was a cave and all of a sudden you heard the cry of a Child.

Intrigued, she extended her twigs inside the small window to see who was there.

I looked at him shyly, he wanted to withdraw immediately, so as not to disturb: but Jesus saw her and smiled at her.

She did not know what to give him: she then opened all the petals of her flowers and a sweet scent spread throughout the cave.

The Child Jesus smiled again and from that day the calicanto blooms every year for Christmas.

I Boccioli del Calicantus - Documentary RSI 2017, Sub EN (July 2020)

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