Camera memory card: features and types available


Features of the digital camera memory card from the format to the size of the ram which indicates its capacity.

Features digital camera memory card

Digital cameras store images in compressed form (generally jpg or compatible).

The compression modes are not the same for the various models, so the final quality of the images can vary a lot.

In many models it is possible to set different compression rates, with progressive loss in quality.

Some cameras have a fixed internal RAM, others only have a removable one, others still work in a mixed way.

The most popular formats of removable memory cards are compactflash, memorystick, microdrive, secure digital (SD), mini-SD, Smartmedia and Xd.

The maximum number of shots that can be stored depends on the amount of memory, the resolution and the compression rate chosen or set automatically by the camera.

When the RAM is full, it must be emptied by downloading the images to the computer or external hard disk or by extracting the full memory it is possible to replace it with another empty one.

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