Canapés lumpfish and butter with pepper and lemon


How to prepare lumpfish and butter egg canapes, recipe with small pieces of pepper and lemon to be arranged alternately as decoration.

Ingredients for 4 portions

- gr. 60 of black lumpfish roe

- gr. 60 of red lumpfish roe

- pan carrè or filoncino bread from canapés

- gr. 60 of butter

- 1 green lemon

- half a peeled red pepper

Preparation of lumpfish and butter egg canapes

Take the pan carrè or the special bread for canapés and divide it into four equal squares or two triangles in the first case, sliced ​​in the second hypothesis.

Start spreading the butter, taken out of the fridge 30 minutes before to make it soften, making it easier to spread on the canapés.

Arrange the lumpfish roe on each canape alternately in the colors, i.e. a canape with red lumpfish roe and one with black lumpfish roe, to create a better visual impact when you lay them on a serving tray.

Decorate the part of the black eggs with a triangle of red pepper and the part of the red eggs with a triangle of green lemon.

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