Canberra (Australia): what to see in the capital


What to see in Canberra, main attractions and monuments, itinerary of places of interest to visit in the city surrounded by reserves and natural parks.

Tourist information

Canberra is the capital of Australia, located near the main roads of communication between the cities of Melbourne and Sydney, at an altitude of between 550 and 700 m. s.l.m., in an area surrounded by hills, on a territory largely protected by nature reserves or national parks.

The Molonglo River crosses the city and forms a lake in the center of Burley Griffin by means of a dam.

The lake is named after the American architect Walter Burley Griffin, of Chicago, who was given the task of designing the city in order to create a new capital for the nation, when the Australian colonies organized themselves as a federation of states.

The construction of the city began in 1913 and, in 1927, the seat of the government, which until then was in Melbourne, was moved to the new capital, the expansion of which began in the sixties.

The city extends around Lake Burley Griffin, with vast areas of spontaneous vegetation that recall the original characteristics of the area.

In the middle of the lake, at certain times of the day, the Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet, built in 1970 to celebrate the bicentenary of Cook's landing, launches a jet of water up to 147 meters high.

What see

- Australian Government Parliament Building, whose visit allows you to experience Parliament as a workplace and to appreciate the beautiful architecture of the building surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

- National Gallery of Australia, Australia's largest art museum.

- Australian War Memorial, museum dedicated to all Australians who died in the war, where historical material relating to war operations is kept.

- National Capital Exhibition, museum that collects historical documents and objects related to the history of Canberra.

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- Blundell’s Cottage is a typical farm dating back to 1860, whose name derives from a married couple, George and Flora Blundell, who lived there for over 60 years. In the attached museum, the lifestyle of the local population is illustrated, relating to the period prior to the construction of the Australian capital.

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