Cancun (Mexico): what to see in the city of Quintana Roo


What to see in Cancun, itinerary including the main places of interest in this city of Mexico washed by the Caribbean Sea and characterized by beautiful beaches.

Tourist information

Returning to Quintana roo, a state located south of the nation, Cancun was created in the late 1960s, soon becoming a popular tourist resort overlooking the Gulf of Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula.

The main streets of Cancun are four lanes, in the center there are well-distributed green areas where you can walk, there is no shortage of cycle paths that connect the main areas of the city.

The climate in Cancun in summer is distinctly hot and humid, while in the winter months it is mild with reduced humidity and rare rains with temperatures around 30 degrees.

Cancun is home to some state administrative offices.

What see

The Hotelera area, where most of the hotel facilities are concentrated, is a strip of sand built and connected by two bridges to the mainland, where the residential and commercial area is located, moving away from the center the periphery is, on the contrary, rather degraded .

Cancun was built for the tourist who loves luxury vacations.

Of Cancun, the beautiful white sand beaches that offer the opportunity to practice various water sports are to be appreciated.

The most famous beach is Playa del Carmen, connected to the center by a wide two-lane road for every direction.

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