Capodimonte (Bolsena): what to see


What to see in Capodimonte, itinerary including the main places of interest of this picturesque seaside resort located on Lake Bolsena, including Castello Farnese and Isola Bisentina.

Tourist information

With origins dating back to the twelfth century, Capodimonte was under papal rule in the times of Bonifcacio VIII, later, in 1400 it passed to the Farnese family.

The Farnese Castle, an imposing sixteenth-century work built on a project by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, is octagonal in plan and includes walls and towers from the previous period.

On the Bisentina Island there is the Church of Saints Giacomo and Cristoforo, built at the behest of Ranuccio Farnese on a design by Antonio Sangallo the Younger, donated to the minor friars in 1586.

Most of the furnishings and works, originally present in this cult building, were stolen by the Napoleonic army, among those left behind it is possible to admire a remarkable tabernacle and an interesting wooden dossal.

What see

Climbing the wooded Mount Tabor it is possible to enjoy a magnificent panorama.

Among the excursions to do in the surrounding area is that of Ischia di Castro, a characteristic medieval village where the Renaissance Palazzo Ducale is located, probably built on a project by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger.

In the Town Hall there is a museum, where objects come to light following excavations carried out in the Etruscan necropolis of Castro, dating back to the period between the eighth and sixth centuries BC.

Capodimonte-lago di Bolsena (November 2022)

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