Casal Velino (Campania): what to see


What to see in Casal Velino, itinerary including the main places of interest, including the San Matteo chapel, the Madonna dell’Assunta church, the sandy beach of Marina and the ancient village of Velia.

Tourist information

A small seaside resort located in the lower Cilento, Casal Velino has a built-up area developed around an ancient convent, starting from the tenth century.

The historic center is characterized by narrow alleys, where stately palaces overlook, as well as washhouses in the past very used by the inhabitants.

Worth visiting are the Madonna dell’Assunta church, some interesting medieval tombs in the area and the Chapel of San Matteo, whose fame is linked to the fact that it hosted the remains of Matthew the evangelist.

In fact, according to a legend, the saint's body was said to have been moved to this chapel in the fifth century after Christ.

The chapel has a very simple facade and an interior where there is a very beautiful altar made of stucco.

The archaeological area of ​​the ancient city of Velia and Acquavella is very interesting, a hamlet that owes its name to the water sources present.

What see

To visit is the church of San Michele Arcangelo dating back to around 1000.

On the promenade of the hamlet of Marina di Casal Velino, a long stretch of sandy beach opens, where stretches of free beach alternate with bathing establishments.

The beach is characterized by rather low seabed near the shore, it is also located in an area fairly exposed to the winds necessary for sailing and surfing.

During the summer, hydrofoils sail from the marina, connecting Casal Velino Marina with Salerno, Amalfi and Capri.

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In addition, motorboats are available that organize trips with the Palinuro caves and other renowned places on the Cilento coast as their destination.

It should be noted that a high quality oil is produced in the area using salella and rotondella olives, as well as Aglianico and Fiano wines.

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