Caserta (Campania): what to see in 1 day


What to see in Caserta, one-day itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Reggia Vanvitelliana and medieval village, to discover ancient craft traditions such as that of the San Leucio silks.

Tourist information

Located on the north-eastern border of the Campania plain, Caserta is partially enclosed by the chain of the Tifatini mountains.

The name originates from the terms "Casa hirta" which mean inhabited center perched on the mountain.

In the past, Caserta was called Galatia and was located roughly in the same area where the modern city is located today.

After the city was first sacked repeatedly by the Saracens and then destroyed by the Lombards, the few surviving inhabitants moved to higher altitude areas, giving life to the town of Caserta Vecchia.

Caserta's economy is mainly agricultural, having a largely fertile soil, with the presence of some small industries.

Thanks to the excellent geographical position, the mild climate, the variety of places to visit, very interesting from a cultural and naturalistic point of view, Caserta has become a city with a strong tourist appeal.

What see

The main monuments and attractions include the Reggia Vanvitelli and the Borgo di Caserta Vecchia.

The construction of the Royal Palace of Caserta, compared by many to Versailles, was commissioned by Charles III of Bourbon.

The visit itinerary of the royal residence includes the Palatine Chapel, the Royal Apartments, the Pinacoteca, the Court Theater, the Museum, which has splendid marble decorations, the library and the park with English gardens.

The medieval village of Caserta, very well preserved, contains numerous historical and artistic testimonies.

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The artisan traditions are deeply rooted in Caserta, among them that of San Leucio silks stands out, a hamlet located a short distance from the center of Caserta.

Starting from the reign of the Bourbons, the silks, brocades and satin of San Leucio spread throughout Europe, obtaining a lasting recognition for their excellent quality.

Since 1991, Caserta has become the seat of the Second University of Naples, created with the aim of rationally distributing students over two different universities

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