Castelmezzano (Basilicata): what to see


What to see in Castelmezzano, itinerary including the main attractions, including the Mother Church of Santa Maria, the rock church of the Madonna dell’Ascensione and ancient mills, also in summer you can watch the traditional Flight of the Angel.

Tourist information

Immersed in the evocative landscape of the Lucanian Dolomites in Basilicata, Castelmezzano has retained its typical medieval appearance, with the houses set so well in a sandstone basin, which are perfectly integrated into the rock that characterizes the surrounding landscape, forming a concentric terrace.

The name of the village originates from the Norman fortress located halfway between the castles of Brindisi Montagna and Pietrapertosa.

Of the ancient Norman castle it is possible to see what remains of the walls, as well as a flight of steps carved into the rock.

Walking through the historic center, between alleys and steep stairways, you can see elements of rock cleverly integrated into the buildings.

What see

The mother church of Santa Maria, located in the main square and dating back to the thirteenth century, deserves to be seen, which houses a wooden statue of the 13th century depicting the Madonna and Child, commonly known as the Madonna dell’Olmo.

The rock church of the Madonna dell’Ascensione and the chapel of the Madonna delle Grazie are also very suggestive, with a beautiful baroque altar.

Leaving the inhabited center it is possible to reach the valley of the Caperrino stream, where there are remains of ancient mills.

Continuing, through a Roman bridge with a single stone arch, you arrive at the town of Pietrapertosa.

Among the summer events that take place between June and September, the Flight of the Angel is very famous, which consists of arriving suspended in the void up to Pietrapertosa, equipped with a harness and tied to a sturdy steel cable, the speed of movement it reaches about 120 km per hour and it is foreseen, with the same procedure, also the return to the starting point.

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