Chat: meaning of the term


Definition of chat related to the main models, from instant messaging to chat groups where you can chat for free in the channels made available by the manager.

Meaning of chat

The term chat is an English word that has become commonly used internationally which translated into Italian means chatted. Wanting to give a definition of chat, it can be defined as a convenient means of communicating remotely in real time, which allows you to get in touch with unknown people and in the form of total anonymity.

The virtual space or place where the chat takes place is said by chatroom convention which in Italian has the meaning of chat room. There is talk of free chat without registration when it is possible to access it for free in a free form, without subscribing to any subscription to the service. The main chat models can be divided into the two fundamental groups of "1 on 1 or instant messaging" and "group chat".

1 on 1 or instant messaging

These are the services that allow you to chat with one person at a time. The contacts used in this chat model are personal and stored in an online address book accessible from any PC connected to the internet in any part of the globe.

In this case, the windows for conversations are exclusive for each contact registered in the address book and it is also possible to take advantage of simple multimedia services such as the possibility of sending audio and video files.

Among the most used programs that fall into this category are MSN Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and Skype. To use these services, it is necessary to register by choosing a nickname and providing a reference e-mail address to identify the user.

Group chat

This type of chat allows dozens of people to communicate simultaneously, with the peculiarity that messages are sent to all people connected to the chosen group that is identified by the name of the channel or room. Often the channels are used to divide the participants into discussion groups dedicated to different topics and the conversation window is unique for each chat room.

In many cases it is also possible to chat in private with one or more selected users simultaneously but individually. In chats without registration, the nicknames chosen by users are not linked to a registered account and for this reason they allow total anonymity at the basis of each definition of chat. BooksBitesBrews Chat belongs to the category of chat groups where you can chat for free and without registration.

It aims to give users a modern means of meeting new people to make friends with. It is a chat without free registration where you can chat to meet new friends without requiring any mandatory registration for this service.

In this chat, everyone is called to contribute to a constructive dialogue, as would happen between friends in reality, or to remain silent to listen, cheering others, even just with their own presence.

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