Chianciano Terme (Tuscany): what to see


What to see in Chianciano Terme, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including Torre dell’Orologio, Piazza Matteotti, Palazzo del Podestà, Madonna della Rosa and Civic Archaeological Museum.

Tourist information

Town of the province of Siena immersed in an evocative landscape characterized by rolling hills, Chianciano Terme is located at an altitude of about 500 meters, geographically included in the stretch of territory located between Montepulciano and Chiusi.

Chianciano is famous above all for the healing properties of its thermal waters that flow from the sources of Acqua Santa, Acqua Fucoli, Acqua San’Elena and Acqua Sillene, each having particular healing properties, known and appreciated since the times of the Etruscans and Romans.

In the period between 1915 and 1929, the development of Chianciano began as a spa, coinciding with the inauguration of the new Acqua Santa plant, subsequently renovated, making it take on its current appearance.

Today the spa area is made up of hotels, spas, villas and elegant shops that rise on the avenues between gardens and thermal parks, such as the Parco delle Fonti and the nearby Parco dei Fucoli, the famous Acqua Santa plant, with a dedicated space at the Sensory Spa, and the Sant'Elena Park.

What see

Near the spa, on the hill, stands the historic center of Chianciano partially surrounded by ancient walls.

Walking through the alleys of the village, the Church of the Immaculate Conception, the Clock Tower, the Collegiate Church of San Giovanni Battista, Piazza Matteotti with the beautiful eighteenth-century fountain and the thirteenth-century Palazzo del Podestà stand out.

Noteworthy is the Collegiate Museum housed in the eighteenth-century Palazzo dellArcipretura, with an exhibition of sacred art that covers works from the period between the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Villa Simoneschi, a building built around 1830 by the Pacchierotti family, houses the Archaeological Civic Museum of Waters, which exhibits artifacts found from various excavations carried out in the area, in addition to the precious collection of Terrosi Palazzi.

Outside the walls of the historic center there is the beautiful Church dedicated to the Madonna della Rosa and dating back to the end of the sixteenth century, built on a project by the architect Baldassarre Lanci with the contribution of the farmers of the area.

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