Chiaromonte (Basilicata): what to see


What to see in Chiaromonte, a town in Basilicata within the Pollino National Park, an itinerary including the main places of interest, including the Bishop's Palace, the Mother Church and the Sagittario Abbey.

Tourist information

The origins of Chiaromonte are very ancient, as evidenced by some remains of human settlements dating back to the Iron Age.

In addition, the locality was subjected to barbarian invasions and destroyed by an earthquake in the ninth century.

In medieval times, a fortress was built first, then the castle surrounded by walls with square and cylindrical towers.

What see

The historic center is divided into ancient quarters, where there are remarkable palaces, including Palazzo Vescovile, Palazzo Dolcetti, Palazzo Lauria and Palazzo di Giura, which includes the cylindrical tower.

Among the attractions of greatest interest is the Mother Church of San Giovanni Battista, which houses two paintings from the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, as well as the wooden statue of the Madonna del Sagittario with Child.

The church of St. Thomas the Apostle was honored with the title of distinguished collegiate church in the second half of the 11th century.

Inside there is a large marble altar from the Abbey of Santa Maria del Sagittario, a wooden crucifix from the fourteenth century, a stoup and a baptismal font from 1574, as well as two precious paintings from the seventeenth century, the work of the school of Luca Girodano.

The Sagittarius Abbey, of which only the bell tower remains today, was an active monastery until the early nineteenth century.

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