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What to see in Chieri, itinerary of the historic center including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Church of San Domenico, the Town Hall, the Church of Santa Maria della Scala and the Church of San Bernardino.

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Located in the province of Turin, which is 16 km away, Chieri was a Roman colony, which in the Augustan period was called Karrea Potentia and was equipped with fortifications.

In the Middle Ages it was submitted first to Susa and then to the bishops of Turin, later becoming a free municipality in the twelfth century.

After various vicissitudes it passed to the Savoy in 1418.

The seventeenth-century Church of Santa Margherita is characterized by an original concave facade and a drum surmounted by a lantern with a statue on it.

Inside you can admire the fresco of the dome, dating back to 1670, and the Coronation of the Virgin and Saints, painted by Moncalvo in the fourteenth century and placed at the main altar.

Of the Church of San Domenico it is interesting to look at the bell tower, the polygonal apse and the fifteenth-century facade, equipped with a large entrance portal built according to Gothic forms.

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The Church of Sant'Antonio Abate, dating back to the fifteenth century and with a single nave, was completely transformed by the Bays in 1767 into baroque forms.

Nearby is the Palazzo del Municipio, which houses the historical archive and the Civic Museum.

The Church of San Giorgio, located in the homonymous street, is a building of fifteenth-century origin, completely renovated on the outside during the eighteenth century.

In the Gothic interior of this cult building there are valuable pictorial works of Moncalvo.

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The Church of Santa Maria della Scala, which constitutes the Cathedral of Chieri, dating back to the fifteenth century and restored by Mella in the late 1800s, has a terracotta facade with three portals, while on the right are the bell tower and the octagonal baptistery, characterized by Romanesque-Gothic forms.

Inside the Cathedral there are numerous works of art, including a wooden choir built between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

In Piazza Cavour there is the Church of San Bernardino, from the eighteenth century and reworked by Vittone between 1740 and 1744, which has a facade comprising two bell towers with statues placed on the top, while inside there are two interesting paintings by Moncalvo, built between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Chieri, Piedmont, Italy (April 2024)

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