Città della Pieve (Umbria): what to see


What to see in Città della Pieve, itinerary including the main monuments and places to visit, including Perugino frescoes, Duomo and Madonna di Fatima Sanctuary.

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Settled in a magnificent position in the hilly area that is part of the Lake Trasimeno area, Città della Pieve was in the past an Etruscan and then Roman settlement, later, in the Middle Ages, it took the name of Castrum plebis, while in the thirteenth century it knew a fair reputation .

In the fourteenth century it was subjected to papal domination, after being affected by previous struggles between the different lordships.

Pietro Vannucci was born in Città della Pieve, better known as Perugino, who lived between 1450 and 1523, who was the first master of Raphael.

The Duomo, dating back to the twelfth century but rebuilt between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, is located in the main square of the historic center.

Some traces of the original structure remain in the facade and apse, the bell tower is in Romanesque-Gothic style.

In the interior with a single nave there is an altarpiece with Madonna, Child and Saints, as well as two remarkable works created by Perugino, the Madonna with Child and Saints from 1514 and the Baptism of Jesus.

In the apse basin it is possible to admire a fresco by Pomarancio, with the Eternal and Angels as its subject.

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In the same square where the Cathedral is located, with its 38 meters in height, there is also the audience tower, which was built in different periods.

In addition, on one side of the same square overlooks the sixteenth-century Palazzo Mazzuoli, formerly of the Corgna.

In the church of Santa Maria dei Bianchi, formerly the oratory of the Disciplinati, the Epiphany, another remarkable fresco by Perugino, is preserved.

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The fourteenth-century fortress, having a quadrangular plan with a keep and towers, constitutes the place where the duke of Gravina and Paolo Orsini were accused of high treason by order of Cesare Borgia.

The church of San Francesco, which has become a sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna of Fatima, is a thirteenth-century building with a terracotta facade and an interesting interior, containing various works, including the Madonna and Saints by Alfani and the Pentecost of Pomarancio.

In the sanctuary there is also the oratory of San Bartolomeo, inside which there is a beautiful fresco of the Sienese school, dating back to the fourteenth century and depicting the Crucifixion and Saints.

In the sixteenth-century church of Sant'Antonio Abate it is possible to admire a tear-off fresco by Perugino, with the subject of Sant'Antonio e Santi.

Leaving the medieval walls, near the hospital, there is the Gothic church of Santa Maria dei Servi, inside which there is another torn fresco by Perugino, which depicts the Deposition.

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