Cold meat salad with potatoes and capers


How to make cold meat salad, an easy-to-prepare recipe that includes potatoes, capers, anchovy paste and chives among the necessary ingredients.

Ingredients for 4 portions

- 1 lemon

- 1 bunch of parsley

- 1/2 bunch of chives

- 2 tablespoons of capers

- 300 gr. of boiled meat

- 300 gr. of potatoes

- 1 dl of extra virgin olive oil

- 1/2 tablespoon of anchovy paste

- salt

- 1 boiled egg for garnish

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Preparing cold meat salad

Wash the potatoes, put them in a pot, cover them with cold water and bring to a boil, continuing cooking for a further 20 minutes.

Drain them, leave to rest for an hour, then peel them and cut them into not too thin slices to be placed on a serving tray.

Chop the capers, put the mince in a small bowl and set it aside, squeeze the lemon, wash and dry parsley and chives before chopping them.

Mix the oil with the lemon juice in a bowl, add the chopped parsley and chives, the anchovy paste, the capers and a pinch of salt.

Stir until the sauce is well blended. Cut the cooked meat into thin slices and put it in a bowl.

Spread half of the prepared sauce on it, cover the bowl and put the container in the fridge for about an hour.

Sprinkle the slices of potatoes with the remaining sauce, laying the slices of meat on top, then decorate the center with the slices of hard-boiled egg.

Potato salad with apaki and caper leaves (June 2022)

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