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What to see in Colorado, geographic and climate information, with a description of the various areas where you can spend holidays at any time of the year.

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Colorado belongs to the federation of the United States of America and has Denver as its capital.

The neighboring states are Wyoming and Nebraska to the north, Oklahoma and New Mexico to the south, Utah to the west, Kansas to the east and Arizona to the southwest.

With a population of about 5 million inhabitants, Colorado is found throughout its extension at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level.

The climate of Colorado, given the scarcity of rainy femomens, is very arid with very hot summers where the temperature often reaches 40 degrees centigrade.

During the winter the climate is mild, except for the part adjacent to the Rocky Mountains, where temperatures can drop to a few degrees above zero, with the possibility of heavy rains.

It is a very large plateau, located east of the Rocky Mountains, which represents a continuation of the Great Plains region.

Rainfall is low throughout the state and for this reason agriculture, however quite developed, focuses on crops suitable for particularly dry soils and cattle breeding is carried out on artificially irrigated grassland.

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To the east of the Front Range, which is a mountain range that divides the mountains of the west from the plains of the east, are the major cities.

The major peaks of the Rocky Mountains, which occupy part of the state of Colorado at Boulder County, are Longs Peak, Mount Elbert, Mount Evans, Pikes Peak and Spanish Peaks which is located near Walsenburg in the southern part.

In this area there are large forests, partly exploited for the production of timber, and many parks and river basins.

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Denver, which in addition to being its capital is also Colorado's most important city, is located on the plains east of the Rocky Mountains, at an altitude of 1655 meters, measured at Denver International Airport.

The city center is located on the eastern bank of the South Platte River, which crosses the metropolis.

The capital of Colorado is also known as "Queen City of the Plains", being vitally important for the agricultural economy of the regions that surround it.

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