Commercial information: chamber of commerce registration, protests, personal research


Presentation of online services for commercial information, chamber of commerce registration, protests and personnel searches useful to save time.

Get commercial information

The request for commercial information is used to know the real economic situation of a given company in order to reduce or minimize the risks of insolvency related to the business to be concluded.

The most used commercial information includes those obtainable through the chambers of commerce by requesting a company registration and a protest registration to find out if the potential customer has been protested.

In many cases, especially when it comes to carrying out large-scale deals, it is necessary to resort to specific agencies made up of expert professionals.

In fact, there are real scam organizers who study every little detail, often managing to conceal situations at risk of insolvency with apparently absolutely person-to-good behaviors and canceling any protests underway with the payment of the same while preparing cheating at the same time. colossal.


To unravel a mystery about the occurrence of a certain event or to try to understand the behavioral reasons of a certain person on which there have been some doubts, it is possible to carry out investigations on one's own using more or less orthodox methods or to rely on an investigative agency or private investigator who will pay for us for compensation.

Definition of company

A company is made up of all the assets managed by the person who makes a business (entrepreneur) to carry out a certain economic activity.

There are various types of companies that can be defined as follows: supply companies set up to provide services, production companies that aim to produce goods and services, public companies are some entities that have the function of providing public services such as for example the State, the Region, the Province, the Municipality, the local Health Authority.

Personal research

The need to search for good people to hire to perform a certain job requires time and a lot of patience, and for this reason the number of companies that turn to specific personal search services created to meet supply and demand for work has grown over time.

In recent years, with the great expansion of the internet, the inclusion of an online curriculum vitae for a job request or job offer by a company for candidates who meet certain requirements is within the reach of everyone.

Online recruiting. Innovative services, affordable rates and a vast and qualified reader base make it a solid and reliable partner for companies looking for new staff.

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The offer is aimed at companies in all product sectors and sizes.

In a constantly changing world of work, the search for personnel is increasingly difficult. Thanks to its wide range of products and services, it is possible to find the right figures.

Publish announcements, search the CV Database, manage large online recruiting campaigns, easily, quickly and cheaply!

Credit risk management provides via internet and in real time reports, evaluation indexes, integrated services and corporate and economic information on Italian and foreign companies.

Debt collection through an efficient investigative structure on its own, as well as through a consolidated information network, having developed over the years, an operating method aimed at eliminating the drawbacks of a debt collection action conceived in the traditional sense.

Qualitative debt collection service also abroad through a consolidated network of qualified partners, both with regard to the active credit activity and for the retrieval of asset information on the debtor, should it be necessary to evaluate the suitability to initiate recovery legal actions credit.

Possibility of obtaining chamber certificates.

Protest Bulletin offers the protest registration service which allows you to know if the person or company with which you are dealing or would like to deal is economically reliable, giving you the opportunity to quickly know if a person has not honored your debts and with the Chamber of Commerce Certificate of verify the existence of a company, know its holders of offices or qualifications and any insolvency procedures through an ordinary or historical survey.

These and many other services on the site.

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