Composition of the sun: what the parent star is made of


What is the composition of the sun, as it can be described, what it is formed from and the temperatures that affect it, transformations that take place inside it.

Discovering the composition of the sun

The Sun is comparable to a huge sphere of gas with extremely high temperatures, so high that it becomes white and incandescent, radiating light, energy and heat.

The Sun is mainly formed by hydrogen, inside this gas turns into helium, another type of gas.

This process is responsible for the enormous amount of heat and energy produced.

The internal structure of the Sun, like the other stars, is formed in layers, each of which has unique properties and physical characteristics, which make it completely different from the next.

The layers that make up the sun, going from the center to the outside, are the nucleus, the radiative zone, the tachocline, the convective zone, the photosphere, the surface, the chromosphere and the crown.

The Sun: Crash Course Astronomy #10 (August 2021)

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