Cooked ham and ricotta canapés with sandwich bread


How to prepare ham and ricotta canapés, instructions for preparing a soft mousse with these ingredients to spread on slices of sandwich bread.

Ingredients for 4 portions

- 8 slices of sandwich bread

- 200 gr cooked ham

- 200 gr ricotta

- salt and pepper

How to make ham and ricotta canapés

Chop the cooked ham and transfer it to the blender container to finely chop it, then add the ricotta along with a pinch of salt and pepper, operating the small appliance again until a creamy and homogeneous mousse is obtained.

Toast the slices of sandwich bread, using the oven grill or a common toaster, then cut them into squares or rectangles, so as to obtain 4 canapés from each slice.

Finally, spread the cooked ham mousse on the canapés and arrange them nicely on a serving plate before serving.

Tomato & Ricotta Bruschetta | Gennaro Contaldo (July 2020)

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