Corigliano Calabro (Calabria): what to see in the medieval village


What to see in Corigliano Calabro, a picturesque medieval village in Calabria in the province of Cosenza, an itinerary including the castle, the church of Sant'Antonio and the canal bridge, as well as the hamlet of Schiavonea located on the seafront.

Tourist information

Located in the Sibari plain, along the terminal part of the Sila Greca, the medieval village of Corigliano Calabro is located on a hill with a terraced course and a complex of roads of varying width but always very limited.

Along the coast there are twelve kilometers of beach, one part of which is made up of sand and fine gravel, while in the other sand prevails, making it softer to the touch.

In Corigliano Calabro there is a port, active since 1958, and a fish market.

Among the main places to visit is the Ducal Castle, dating back to the 10th century and built as a military bulwark at the request of Giuseppe il Guiscardo.

With the passage of time the original appearance of the fortress was heavily modified, until it became that of a stately home.

What see

The octagonal turret, the construction of the chapel of Sant'Agostino and the arrangement of the internal courtyard with the addition of two flights of stairs, to access the interior of the building, date back to the 17th century.

Another interesting monument to see is the Church of Sant'Antonio, built in the fifteenth century and decorated with frescoes, stuccos and marble balustrades.

The canal bridge, dating back to 1480, deserves to be seen, it is 20 meters high with two overlapping brick arches that once served as an aqueduct.

Schiavonea, an ancient fishing village, is a fraction of Corigliano Calabro, very popular, especially in summer, by those who prefer the sea as a vacation spot, which has become famous for the presence of the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Schiavonea, also known as the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Guide.

For nature lovers and outdoor walks, an excursion to the Regional Natural Reserve of the Foce del Crati is recommended.

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