Corn and raisin cookies with pine nuts: recipe and ingredients


How to prepare corn and raisin cookies, recipe with sugar, flour, butter and eggs among the ingredients, how to prepare and cook them in the oven.

Ingredients for 2 baking trays

- 100 gr of pine nuts

- 100 gr of raisins

- 200 g of butter

- corn flakes

- flour 500 g

- 4 eggs

- 200 gr. of sugar

- a sachet of baking powder

Preparation of corn and raisin biscuits

Mix the eggs with the sugar, add the softened butter, flour, pine nuts and raisins.

Then add the yeast dissolved in a little milk.

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After working everything, take the dough with a teaspoon by wrapping it in the corn flakes and making many small piles.

With this quantity come about two baking trays of biscuits.

For baking it takes about 15/20 minutes depending on the size of the biscuits with the oven at medium temperature.

Italian Zaletti - Cookies with raisin, pine nuts and corn flour (January 2023)

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