Courmayeur (Aosta Valley): what to see


What to see in Courmayeur, itinerary including the main places of interest of what is considered the starting point for the ascents on Mont Blanc, including the Alpine Museum, the Church of San Pantaleone, the village of Dolonne and the village of Entreves.

Tourist information

Nestled in a large basin and dominated by the imposing Mont Blanc massif, Courmayeur is a popular tourist resort in the upper Valdigne, internationally known and famous for winter sports.

Formerly the center of the Salassi, the town became a Roman military base with the name of Auri Foedinae, a name probably due to the fact that there were some gold mines nearby.

In medieval times, renamed Curia Major, it was the subject of controversy between many of the dominant lordships in the nearby valleys.

In the seventeenth century it began to become famous for its sources of healing waters and as a starting point for ascents to Mont Blanc from the Italian side.

The church of San Pantaleone, completely renovated in the eighteenth century, has preserved only the bell tower of the ancient Romanesque church.

What see

In the alpine museum Duca degli Abruzzi, organized in the house of the guides, some memorabilia are reminiscent of famous mountaineering exploits.

Torre Maluquin is all that remains of a twelfth-century tower house.

One kilometer from the center is Dolonne, a small village where some 14th century buildings are present.

Entreves, 3 km away, is a picturesque village located at 1306 meters above sea level, in a grassy basin at the top of the valley where the Dora Baltea flows.

In the place there is a fortified house of the fourteenth century, later restored in the eighteenth century.

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The entrance to the Mont Blanc tunnel is located above the inhabited center, and cable cars and cable cars depart from the village for excursions to the glaciers of the surrounding peaks.

Courmayeur - Aosta Valley - Italy (September 2021)

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