Crispy fried chicken in batter


How to cook crispy fried chicken in batter, a recipe to be cooked in a pan after an infusion in lemon juice and to be served still hot.

Ingredients for 6 portions

- White flour

- salt

- pepper

- juice of 6 lemons

- 1 chicken of about 1.2 kg

- 2 eggs

- olive oil

Preparation of crispy fried chicken

Cut the chicken into pieces, salt it, pepper it and then leave it to infuse in the lemon juice for about an hour.

After drain the chicken pieces well, removing any drop of lemon, dry them with kitchen paper and then pass them in the flour and then in the beaten eggs.

In an iron or non-stick pan, heat olive oil over high heat.

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Fry the chicken pieces on all sides, dry them with paper towels and serve while still hot.

How to properly FRY FRIED CHICKEN (January 2022)

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