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Offers summer and winter cruises, from the eastern Mediterranean to the Norwegian fjords, the Canaries, the Caribbean and the capitals of northern Europe.

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Mediterranean cruises have been considered for several years as one of the best opportunities for a comfortable and pleasant holiday that allows you to visit new places on board luxury ships, served and revered without having to worry about anything.

While the cruise ship moves from one port to another, you can enjoy the panorama and entertainment on board, which often includes shows, dancing, disco, sports activities, swimming pool as well as meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mediterranean cruises represent a simpler way of traveling than traveling by plane, car or train, there are no check-ins and check-outs and no suitcases must be made and unpacked during the entire duration of the sea crossing.

Book your cruise vacation with MSC Cruises

Cruises is a leader in the cruise markets of the Mediterranean, South Africa and Brazil and with its 12 ships every day offers a holiday with a truly terrific value for money.

Cruises has its roots in the Mediterranean area and from the values ​​of authenticity, humanity and warmth of this region it draws continuous inspiration, creating a unique experience on board the ships of the fleet that goes from the unparalleled hospitality offered by a multilingual crew, to the delicious dishes prepared by the chefs, based on the idea that good food represents a real lifestyle and that the art of eating well has to do with quality and diversity, discovery and sharing.

Thanks to the innovations made to the interiors and exteriors of MSC Cruises ships, the naval architects of the De Jorio Design International studio have received prestigious awards.

Cruises has also set new luxury standards for cruise ships with the MSC Aurea Spa, a magnificent Balinese spa, and the MSC Yacht Club, an exclusive area available on board the company's flagships, consisting of elegant suites with a service 24-hour butler, plus numerous other privileges.

Summer cruises

- Cruise Morocco: navigation along the coasts of Morocco washed by the Mediterranean Sea in the northern part and by the Atlantic Ocean along the western coast with respect to the Strait of Gibraltar.

- Baltic Sea Cruise: located in northeastern Europe, the Baltic Sea is an inland sea of ​​the Atlantic Ocean that bathes the Scandinavian Peninsula, some countries of central and eastern Europe and the islands of Denmark.

- Black Sea Cruise: it is an inland sea located between Asia Minor and South-Eastern Europe.

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- Cruise Aegean Sea: the Aegean Sea is that part of the Mediterranean Sea located between Greece and Turkey.

- Cruise Jerusalem: this ancient city, capital of the State of Israel, is of great historical importance.

- Greek islands cruises: the Greek islands are numerous but only a small part of them are inhabited. The largest is Crete while the main groups of islands are the Cyclades, Dodecanese and Sporades archipelagos.

- Balearic islands cruises: the Balearic Islands are an archipelago of the western Mediterranean sea that represents an autonomous community of Spain with the capital Palma de Mallorca.

- Northern Europe cruises: to coast the coasts of northern European countries with their exclusive landscape features.

- Antilles cruises: this archipelago is located in Central Caribbean America washed by the Caribbean Sea.

- Adriatic Cruises: to get to know the places bathed by the Adriatic Sea, various itineraries are made that concern Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania.

- Mexico Cruises: in the heart of Central America to touch the most beautiful places in Mexico on a cruise.

- Transatlantic cruises: to navigate on wonderful transatlantic under the banner of a different holiday.

- Costa Cruises: cruises following the coast belong to this type, being able to admire the beauty of the places crossed.

Cruise offers

- Nile cruise: navigation along the Nile river in Egypt, one of the longest rivers in the world to discover ancient civilizations.

- Mediterranean Cruises: indicates a type of cruise of varying length of time since the Mediterranean Sea is an intercontinental sea that touches Europe, Asia and Africa.

- Maldives cruise: this archipelago of coral islands rests on a base of coral rock with layered limestone formation generated by the numerous modifications of the sea water level dating back to about sixty million years ago when they emerged from the bottom of the Indian ocean imposing chains mountain. The Maldives islands are over a thousand but the inhabited ones are just over two hundred with tourist villages distributed on a total of eighty islands. Fua Mulaku is the largest island located in the southern part of the archipelago in the Gnaviyani atoll.

- North seas cruise: means the cruise that involves Nordic countries including Scandinavia, which includes Norway, Sweden and Finland. In addition, Denmark, Iceland and Greenland also fall within the geographical area of ​​the North Seas.

- South Seas cruise: the lands concerned are located in the southern hemisphere and include Oceania as a continent which includes Australia, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Samoa and American Samoa.

- Caribbean Cruise: the itinerary of this cruise affects the Caribbean countries or all those bathed by the Caribbean sea, including the Antilles islands, the coasts of the continental countries that are part of central and south America that overlook it. The whole area is made up of archipelagos, the largest of which are the Greater Antilles, which include Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, the Lesser Antilles and the Bahamas.

- Canary Cruise: these tropical islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean facing the coast of Africa. The main ones are Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma and La Gomera. The Canary Islands belong to Spain.

- Cruise Greece Turkey Croatia: the lands concerned are Greece and its islands, Turkey, Croatia and its islands.

- Norwegian fjords and Scandinavia cruise: cruise to discover the Nordic countries belonging to Scandinavia and precisely Sweden, Finland and Norway where you can admire the fjords or the characteristic sea branches that enter the land.

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