Cups of melon at the port for an appetizer or dessert


How to prepare tasty melon cups at the port, a recipe to be prepared very quickly with practical advice for optimal preparation.

Ingredients for 2 portions

- 1 bottle of port wine

- 1 melon of about 600 gr

How to make melon cups at the port

Wash and dry the melon, divide it in half lengthwise and clean the inside of all the seeds and various filaments, with the help of a spoon.

Arrange the two halves of the melon in two single dishes, filling them with port wine.

Practical advice
1) Remove the internal pulp of the melon, for this operation the use of a dessert spoon is indicated.

2) Keep the port bottle available to be able to add it again when the first refueling is finished.

3) If the half melons are not stable in the dish, equalize them by removing a slice so as to make them stand straight.

5) In addition to being an appetizer, this dish can also be served as a dessert, adding sugar by sprinkling it directly on top.

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