December 11: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 11 December is San Damaso Papa, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

San Damaso Papa

Born in Rome in about 305 and died in the same city on 11 December 384, Damasus was elected pope in 366 and exercised this position until his death.

His task was to carry out consolidation works in the now abandoned catacombs to avoid their ruin.

He held high the prestige of the Roman Church by fighting the Aryan heresy and affirming the authority of the Holy See with serene firmness.

According to tradition, on September 1, 1577, Cardinal Alessandro Farnese the young had his remains moved, together with those of Pope Eutichiano, to the basilica of San Lorenzo in Damaso.

The relic of his skull is kept in the basilica of San Pietro in the Vatican, while that of an arm, according to what was written on a 1091 plaque, is located in the Church of San Tommaso in Parione.

He is revered as the protector of archaeologists for the work done in the catacombs.

Other saints and celebrations of 11 December

  • Blessed Arturo Bell
  • Martyr

  • San Daniele the Stilita
  • Priest

  • Blessed David of Himmerod
  • Monk

  • Blessed Domenico Yanez
  • Mercedario

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  • Blessed Franco of Siena
  • Carmelite hermit

  • Blessed Jerome (Ranuzzi) from Sant’Angelo in Vado
  • Servant of Mary

  • Blessed Maria della Colonna (Pilar) Villalonga Villalba
  • Virgin and martyr

  • Santa Maria Maravillas de Jesus
  • Religious, founder

  • Blessed Martino Lumbreras Peralta and Melchiorre Sanchez Perez
  • Augustinian priests, martyrs

  • San Savino (Sabino) of Piacenza
  • Bishop

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