December 23: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 23 December is San Giovanni Canzio da Kety, which name day is celebrated and other saints are celebrated on this date.

Saint John Canzio from Kety

Born in Kety on an unspecified date of the year 1397 and died in Krakow on December 24, 1473, he was a Polish presbyter and theologian.

Having become a doctor of philosophy at the age of 27, he dedicated his life to teaching and preaching.

At 34 he was ordained a priest, continuing his teaching career for a few more years.

As soon as he received the office of parish priest in Olkusz, he immediately became admired for his being a recognized model of piety and charity towards his neighbor.

In 1440 he resumed teaching in Krakow, contributing to the education of Prince Casimir.

A valid teacher and friend of the weakest, he earned the consideration of a saint from his faithful, who were moved by his lessons of love held between the poor and the sick.

He died during the Christmas Mass of 1473 and was made a saint by Clement XIII in 1767.

Other saints and celebrations on December 23rd

  • Santa Vittoria
  • Martyr

  • Sant’Antonio de Sant’Anna Galvao
  • Franciscan

  • San Giovanni Stone
  • Augustinian priest, martyr

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  • San Servolo the Paralytic
  • Beggar

  • San Torlaco (Thorlàk Thorhallsson)
  • Bishop

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