December 30: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 30 December is Sant’Eugenio of Milan, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

St. Eugene of Milan

Milanese ecclesiastical documents dating back to the eleventh and twelfth centuries, including the Kalendarium Ambrosianum and the Beroldus, in addition to the Liber notitiae Sanctorum Mediolani of the fourteenth century, make mention of the deposition and translation of Saint Eugene bishop, which took place on December 30 of a year included in eighth century, at the church of Sant'Eustorgio.

Other bishops named Eugenio did not appear on the list of bishops of Milan for a long period of time, between 700 and 1922.

Landolfo Seniore remembers him as the spiritual father of Charlemagne, recognizing the merit of having defended, in a council held in Rome shortly after the end of the Lombard kingdom, the Ambrosian rite against Charlemagne and Pope Hadrian I, who intended to abolish them in the name of unity of the Christian people.

Consequently to the defense made by Sant'Eugenio, it was decided to place an Ambrosian and a Roman liturgical book on the main altar of St. Peter's in the Vatican, before closing each access to the basilica, fasting and praying for three days, proposing to select among the two, as a normative liturgical book for the whole Church, the one that had been found open to return to the building of worship.

After the three established days, when the Church was reopened, the books of the two closed rites were found, but, in general amazement, they suddenly opened, giving the unequivocal sign that the Lord wanted both rites to be kept.

Crossing Milan, before returning to his home, Eugene, answering the prayers of the clergy and city officials, agreed to stay in the city for some time.

In the meantime, however, the bishop Eugene died and the Milanese, who forgot about it for a certain period, remembered him later following a miracle attributed to him which caused the healing of an infirm woman, after which they began to celebrate his feast every year.

The cult of Sant 'Eugenio is officially considered as a local devotion of the Diocese of Milan, which fixes the liturgical memory on December 30, the date deriving from the day on which his body was exhumed and transferred to the church of Sant' Eustorgio.

Other saints and celebrations on 30 December

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