Delicious first courses: quick and easy recipes


Recipes delicious first courses, quick and easy in the preparation, collection and guide to the preparation excellent dishes to be served on the table as a first course for any occasion.

Meaning first courses

With the definition of first course, as you can already guess from the name, we intend to indicate the dish that is brought to the table first, following a non-mandatory appetizer.

The first course often serves, as they say, to embrace the stomach to give, in the first phase of lunch, an immediate sense of satiety.

A first course is usually based on carbohydrates, which represent a very important nutritional intake in human metabolism.

The queen of first courses is represented by pasta, boiled in salted hot water or cooked and au gratin in the oven.

The pasta is usually seasoned with tomato or meat sauces and as regards the one in the oven, the béchamel is often added to best mix all the ingredients.

Tortelli are a first course often used also as a single course by measuring the appropriate quantity.

Tortellini in broth, soups and soups with meat broth are also excellent.

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