Delicious second courses: quick and easy recipes


Recipes delicious second courses, quick and easy in the preparation, collection and guide to the preparation excellent dishes to be served on the table as a second dish for any occasion.

Meaning main courses

By definition, the second course is served after the first and usually consists of meat or fish.

Gratinated meat, roasted meat and fish, mixed fried fish or meat are among the most popular second courses among cooking recipes.

Most main courses contain protein and help to make human nutrition vary.

The meats or fish used for the preparation of second courses should always be of reliable origin to ensure correct success of the recipes being a determining factor for the perfect success of the final result.

Below is a list of second courses suitable for any occasion, choose a second fish dish or a second meat dish, they are all quick and easy to prepare.

The main courses are, together with first courses, the dishes that influence the rest of the menu.

The collection includes recipes for cold or hot main courses to be made following various methods including cooking in a pan, in the oven, steamed and on the grill.

The main courses are said to be based on meat, fish, vegetables, eggs or cheese depending on the main ingredient of the recipe.

As a side dish, it is advisable to choose the one that best suits and is able to match better with the flavor but without distorting it.

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