Desserts: super fast recipes


Super fast sweet recipes, dessert ideas to be easily prepared in a short time, whether they are spoonfuls, cakes or biscuits, suitable to be served at the end of each lunch or dinner, to be consumed with the family or with guests, all prepared in less than half Now.

Quick and easy sweet recipes

By definition, a dessert is a culinary preparation that has sugar among the main ingredients.

We talk about spoon desserts referring to those to be served in cups using the spoon as a tool to divide them, various types of cakes with and without shortcrust pastry, semifreddo and ice cream.

Each dessert represents a happy ending for every meal, it can be eaten before or after the fruit chosen by the guests and according to local customs.

Quick sweet recipes to serve at the end of each type of meal.

A half hour is the maximum preparation time for these quick and easy sweet recipes to make tasty desserts with any type of garnish including chocolate, fruit and custard.

Choose from the list of easy sweet recipes the one you like that is suitable for the menu you have designed for your guests for lunch, dinner or a simple snack at other times of the day.

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