Diet Phrases: Quotes and Aphorisms on Weight Loss


Funny phrases about the diet, aphorisms and motivational quotes about losing weight and losing weight, thoughts and proposals to avoid gaining weight by buying too many kg.

Diet aphorisms

- Not to feel better than others but I finished my 21 days of dieting in 5 hours and 45 minutes.

- From tomorrow I decided to tell myself that the day after tomorrow I will go on a diet.

- I will never go on a diet, I prefer not to think about fat.

- The best diet to stay in perfect physical shape includes a daily dose of contentment.

- The first law of the study of food diets seems to be: whenever the taste is good, do not eat because after exaggeration.

- My personal diet concept makes me especially avoid the foods I don't like.

- I think I will be able to lose weight before the summer season, but I have yet to decide which year.

- To decrease your belly, have you ever tried a good photo retouching program?

- Since diet is actually a battle against the temptations of eating, I have chosen conscientious objection.

- I don't know anything more risky than a woman who went on a diet with the current cycle.

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- Every time I convince myself to go on a diet, I see the advertisement for a new chocolate snack that I decide to try.

- Scientists say that if a 120 kg man went to Mars he would weigh only 38 kg. For this I salute you and go to Mars.

- Since the human body contains a large percentage of water, I realize that I am not fat but only flooded.

- I follow the priests' diet by eating every good thing and hoping for a miracle.

- Hugs are the best diet as they counteract the lack of affection, helping to prevent unhealthy indigestion of chocolate.

- Even the soul must periodically go on a diet.

Diet quotes

- The first kilos are lost in that part of the body where they really didn't want to lose.

- Frequently we women are fat, but you men are very heavy, so know that a simple diet is not enough for you.

- It is called a healthy diet as for certain dishes you have to say goodbye.

- The path to follow for the diet is marked by lettuce leaves sprinkled with mayonnaise.

- I do my best to lose weight ... but unfortunately he always manages to find me.

- The diet is a human creature capable of making the smile on women's faces more rare.

- During the past 30 days I have followed a strict diet; how many kg have I lost? 15, but also 30 days of life.

- The second day of a diet turns out to be simpler than the first since within the third day you know that you will stop following that diet.

- The best things in life are either lacking in morality or are outlawed or make you gain weight.

- Women are on a diet all their lives, but as soon as you leave them they demand a lot of money for food.

- Diet is the thing that makes you eat vegetable broth for lunch, a cappuccino for snack and meat tortelli with ragù for dinner.

- Speaking of diets, I remembered that a friend of mine lost more than 20 kg last week, prompting his wife to leave him immediately.

- Diet is the only game in which you are the winner when you lose weight instead of gaining it!

- My wife turned to a dietician famous for losing weight, but in two months she also lost 500 euros that we could have eaten.

- I have been on a permanent diet for at least twenty years. I have lost so many kilograms that I should theoretically fly.

- In human life, keeping one's morale high often runs counter to keeping one's weight low.

Phrases about diet

- On the sixth day of the diet, I feel the desire to drink my vanilla shampoo.

- A diet constitutes only a short period of deprivation which precedes a huge weight gain.

- When you start a diet, the first thing you get is the nervous.

- I'm on a diet but only for reasons of force majeure that prevent me from getting supplies from the usual delicatessen seller.

- It is easier to change a man's religion than to replace his diet.

- This month, my diet decides to eat the same foods but using, to indicate them, diminutives such as tortellini, fettuccine, chips and dolcino.

- Today I decided to start my balanced diet: for every abundant carbonara dish I have to eat a three-ounce steak.

- I continued quickly in my weight loss without understanding why, then one day I replaced the batteries on the scale and I started to regain kg.

- Oh God, if you can't make me lose weight, at least let my friends buy enough to outdo me.

- The doctor advised me to avoid intimate dinners for four, unless the other three people are also present.

- The diet manages to make you eat 70 grams of unpasteurised pasta, but then at the moment of coffee it makes you able to devour many biscuits and chocolates.

- I was hungry as a child, but now I go on a diet and I realize that I have not been eating enough for fifty years.

- An American study confirms that the Mediterranean diet keeps going longer, even if it enlarges the human body.

- I am following two weight loss diets because with one I was too hungry.

- Before the summer I had set myself the goal of losing 7 kg, thinking that only 12 more remained to reach my healthy weight.

- In order not to tire excessively, I will observe one hour of diet every day.

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