Djerba: what to see on the island of Tunisia


What to see in Djerba, an itinerary including the main places of interest on the island of Tunisia, particularly renowned for its white beaches.

Tourist information

Djerba is an island in Tunisia that has only been discovered by mass tourism in recent decades.

In antiquity it was inhabited by several peoples who appreciated its beauty.

Its landscape presents itself with white sandy beaches along the coast and inside a rich vegetation especially of olive trees.

What see

Houmt Souk is the only city on the island, it is full of markets of various kinds (Souk means market).

In the city, the most artistic mosques are the El Cheik Mosque, the Mosque of the Turks and the Mosque of Foreigners.

Also visit the Bordj el Kebir, a fortress by the sea, and the Regional Museum of Arts and Traditions.

Near Houmt Souk there are two villages founded many centuries ago by a community of Jews who emigrated from Israel: Hara Kebira and Hara Seghira.

In the village of Hara Seghira there is the El Ghriba Synagogue, which means "the wonderful", whose origins date back to 590 BC, even if the current building is from 1920.

The Synagogue is very well decorated inside, it also preserves one of the oldest Torah in the world.

Further south is Guellala, a village famous for its pottery, a tradition dating back to the Phoenician times.

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