Dove with apples and vanilla english sauce


How to make a dove with apples and vanilla English sauce by lining a mold with dove strips and placing a mixture of apples, pine nuts and raisins in the center.

Ingredients for 6 people

- 700 g of Golden apples

- 50 g of raisins

- 30 g of pine nuts

- 60 g of sugar

- 20 g of butter

- 1 packaged dove

- 1 lemon

- 1/2 glass of Rum

For the vanilla sauce

- 1/2 liter of milk

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- 125 g of sugar

- 4 yolks

- 1 pinch of vanillin

- apricot jelly

How to prepare the dove with apples and vanilla sauce

Peel the apples and cut them into slices.

In a pan with melted butter, sauté the apples for 3-4 minutes, pour the rum and sprinkle with sugar, then sprinkle with lemon juice, then let the mixture cool.

Soak the raisins in warm water and then squeeze them.

In a bowl mix the apples, pine nuts and raisins.

Cut the dove into 2 cm thick strips and line them with aluminum molds.

Pour the apple mixture in the center and cover with a disc of dove of the diameter of the molds.

For the vanilla sauce, boil the milk and then let it cool.

In a bowl beat the egg yolks with the sugar in order to obtain a frothy and fairly thick mixture, add the warm milk little by little, mix thoroughly and pass the mixture through the strainer.

Cook the cream in a bain-marie over low heat until it thickens but does not boil.

Before it boils, remove the pan from the heat, add the vanillin and allow the sauce to cool in the refrigerator.

Cook the molds with the dove and apples in a hot oven for 5 minutes, then turn them out.

Brush the cakes with the apricot jelly and serve them with the vanilla English sauce.

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