DVD player: what it is and how to mount it on your PC


Assembly instructions for internal DVD player on desktop computer with operations to be carried out step by step for assembly by yourself.

Mount a DVD player on the PC

This device is used to read all CD and DVD media.

It is possible to install an internal DVD player in place of a CD player or both have a free slot in the case and a free connector.

The internal DVD player, in addition to maintaining compatibility with all CD-ROMs, allows access to much more capacious DVD discs than normal CDs.

Mounting a DVD player inside the case is an extremely simple operation for those with a minimum of manual skills.

After placing the jumpers on the back in a slave or master position in accordance with another peripheral installed on the same ide channel, open the case and place the component in a free housing, fixing it with the appropriate screws and connect the power and data cables.


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