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Guide for easy cooking, collection of Italian recipes for free, quick and easy, a useful tool to prepare excellent dishes in a short time, all with genuine ingredients.

Guide for cooking

In addition to providing an idea for cooking to be made every day of the week, each recipe proposed must also be quick and easy.

The listed recipes are divided into categories, shown in the menu "types of recipes" on the right, to facilitate research and are all characterized by an extreme ease of realization.

In fact, we believe that every recipe must have a good result together with the simplicity of processing and reduced lead times.

Traditional Italian cuisine, as well as that of other countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, is very rich in culinary specialties and varied in cooking recipes thanks to the contribution made by the various populations that have followed over time.

Thanks to these cultural contributions, to the climatic-environmental differences and to the different historical traditions of the country, Italian cuisine today enjoys a great variety of typical regional dishes, witnesses of local customs.

Despite the differences between the various regions, in all the recipes of Italian cuisine we find characteristic elements of the Mediterranean diet.

This section presents some quick and easy Tuscan cooking recipes, first course recipes, fish and meat recipes to eat well by cooking in a short time.

The regional Italian cuisine represents a very vast source of recipes of all types, varying according to the geographical position, the climate, the uses and customs of the local populations.

In the present recipes the preparation time and the number of people for which the quantity of gastronomic ingredients is suitable is indicated.

On holidays, generally we tend to cook dishes out of the norm and with a complete gastronomic food menu ranging from a good starter of land or sea to fruit and dessert.

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In the family environment, you are generally satisfied with cooking foods that you would do every day but cooked with greater commitment and imagination as well as in greater quantities.

On the other hand, it would not be appropriate for the hostess to be forced to stay behind the stove for too long since it is a day of celebration and therefore of rest.

As for Tuscan cuisine, it must first of all be said that simplicity and authenticity are the main qualities of this local culinary art.

It is a kitchen where the sense of measure dominates, totally respecting the local ingredients and natural flavors, a rustic country-style cuisine of the peasant type that can also be refined when necessary.

It should be borne in mind that gastronomic Tuscany has many varieties of food and preparations depending on the place with very different recipes going from the interior to the coastal strip, especially for the great variety of local ingredients that each area is able to offer to the cook.

The pudding is an exquisite dessert obtained from the mixture of milk, sugar and aromas typical of the desired taste, such as vanilla in the case of cream pudding or chocolate in the case of chocolate pudding.

To the compound thus obtained, other elements must be added which have the ability to bind it to solidify it while it cools; for this purpose, fish glue or potato starch are generally used.

Among the recipes of fish cooking include those concerning various types of fish including anchovies, needlefish, lobster, decapod crustacean of the Nephropidae family, eels, lobsters, cod, tuna, calamari, scallops, shellfish with shell formed by two joined parts from a mobile hinge, capitone, carpaccio, sole, fish that evolving have come to have a posture lying on its side with side-by-side eyes facing the surface of the water, shrimp, cod, trout, salmon.

Very good are the fish skewers based on squid and small squid to cook in the oven too.

Potato recipes relate to all the ways in which potatoes can be cooked, from frying in the oven and from mashed potatoes to potato flan paired with chicken rolls chosen from the quick main course recipes.

Among the typical Italian recipes there are many recipes of first courses, some with characteristics of regional ingredients, other international ones offered as a recipe of the day in many hotels with pension service.

The shortcrust pastry recipe can be done in different ways.

Flour, salt, sugar, butter and eggs are normally present in the shortcrust pastry process and must be well worked up to their compactness.

There are different types of shortcrust pastry including those for biscuits and those for cream or fruit tarts.

The main variant of the tiramisu recipes that makes the difference is to put liqueur in place of the classic coffee.

The crepes recipe is quick to make and requires limited ingredients.

Sponge cake is a sweet and soft dough prepared cold by mixing a little flour or potato starch with sugar, egg yolks and egg whites whisked in a bowl.

The baked lasagna recipe is one of the most famous recipes of Italian cuisine and is a characteristic first course known all over the world as the pizza recipes, which is created by placing a number of layers of previously boiled lasagna pasta in a pan, alternating with layers of variable seasonings and bechamel with final cooking in the oven and light gratin.

Among the second courses, cacciucco is a very popular dish, a fish-based dish typical of the Livorno and Viareggio cuisine that can be cooked with various qualities of fish including crustaceans, molluscs, octopus, cuttlefish, palombi, cicadas and scorpionfish in tomato sauce and slices of toasted bread arranged at the base of the dish.

The original recipe for traditional cacciucco included thirteen species of fish including cuttlefish, octopus, dogfish, which is a shark belonging to the Triakidae family that lives mainly in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, conger eel, which has a smooth and flake-free body similar to that of the eel but of greater thickness and with a darker gray color, moray eel, capon, scorpionfish, about fifty centimeters long and pinkish with yellow and dark brown spots, gurnard, goby, blossom, boccaccia, cicada and horse mackerel, a fish with an accessory lateral line extended along almost the entire iridescent green back, very broad scutellas with silver sides, a black spot on the back of the operculum and in correspondence with the armpit of the pectorals and gray dorsal fins.

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