Famous proverbs from A to Z: list and meaning


List of famous Italian and non-Italian proverbs from A to Z, the fruit of popular wisdom handed down over the centuries.

Meaning of proverb

Proverbs are generally considered the fruit of popular wisdom spontaneous often based on common experience and for this reason many are believed to be true.

Many proverbs can be compared to concisely expressed advice, guidelines to be followed according to the circumstances.

Proverbs with A

- Abundant is better than deficient!

- Few words to the wise.

- Anything goes at carnival time.

- A caval donato does not look in the mouth.

- Passed water no longer grinds.

- Help yourself that God helps you.

- Half beauty height.

- To wash the donkey's head, you put the ranno and soap back on.

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- Who drinks the draining is beautiful in nature.

- Desperate times call for desperate measures.

- Do not shoot the messenger.

- An enemy who runs away from gold bridges.

- Don't let the farmer know how good the cheese is with pears.

- New Year New Life.

- April, sweet sleep.

- There is a remedy for everything except death.

Proverbs with the B

- Bacchus, tobacco and Venus reduce man to ash.

- Old flag, honor of the captain.

- Beat the iron until it's hot.

- Blessed are the last if the first are honest.

- I reel but I do not give up

Proverbs with C.

- Campa horse that the grass grows.

- Can barking does not bite.

- He who seeks finds.

- Whoever of the sword wounds with the sword perishes.

- Whoever says woman says harm.

- Those who despise buy.

- Who sleeps does not catch fish.

- Whoever is the cause of his sore, cry himself.

- Those who do it themselves do three.

- Who has bread does not have teeth and who has teeth does not have bread.

- Those who have time do not wait for time.

- Whoever lasts wins.

- What goes around comes around.

- Whoever leaves the old way for the new, knows what he leaves but doesn't know what he finds.

- Whoever is born picture cannot die round.

- Those who don't die see themselves again.

- Nothing ventured nothing gained.

- Whoever makes sheep, the wolf eats it.

- Whoever breaks pays.

- Who Seeds wind shall harvest storm.

- Who is satisfied enjoys.

- Those who praise themselves will cheat.

- Whoever looks alike takes it.

- Who keeps silent consents.

- He who wants too much does nothing.

- Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure.

- Those who arrive late are staying badly.

- Those who go with the lame learn to limp.

- Who goes Slow and steady wins.

- Ask for is reasonable answer is courtesy.

- Nail drives away nail.

- Sheep sky, water in pits.

- Command is better than fuck.

Proverbs with the D

- Where does what come from?

"God look at my friends, because I look at my enemies."

- In hindsight the pits are full.

- At night all cats are gray.

- Tell me who you go with and I'll tell you who you are.

- Tell daughter-in-law why mother-in-law means.

- Women and oxen from your country.

- Where there is smoke there is fire.

- Where there is no remedy, crying is in vain.

Proverbs with E

- Help is better than advice.

- Do good and forget it, do bad and remember it.

Proverbs with F

- Do good and forget it, do bad and remember it.

- Without the law found the deception.

- Trust is good, not trusting is better.

- As long as there is life there is hope.

- Brothers, knives.

- Run away from a dog that doesn't bark.

- Do the math without the host.

Proverbs with the G

- Old chicken makes good soup.

- Hand game, rude game.

- The eyes are the mirror of the soul.

- Guests are like fish, after three days they stink.

- Hump to the west rising moon, hump to the east waning moon.

- Looking and not touching is something to be learned.

Proverbs with the I

- Dirty clothes are washed in the family.

- Relatives are like shoes, the tighter they are, the more they hurt.

- The devil makes the pots but not the lids.

- The wolf loses fur but not vice.

- The early bird catches the worm.

- The first love is never forgotten.

- Learn the art and put it aside.

- Needless to cry over spilled milk.

- Too much is too much.

Proverbs with L.

- The dress does not make the priest.

- Appearances are deceiving.

- Appetite comes with eating.

- The exception confirms the rule.

- The grass of the neighbor is always the greenest.

- The herb I want doesn't grow even in the king's garden.

- The master's eye fattens the horse.

- Idleness is the father of vices.

- Unity is strength.

- Man proposes and God disposes.

- Curiosity killed the cat.

- Digestion starts from the mouth.

- Fortune favors the bold.

- The hasty cat makes blind kittens.

- The tongue hits where the tooth is in pain.

- The mother of fools is always pregnant.

- The night brings counsel.

- Patience is the virtue of the strong.

- Practice is worth more than grammar.

Proverbs with M.

- Bad not to do, fear not to have.

- Crazy March, look at the sun and take an umbrella.

- Better alone than badly accompanied.

- Better late than never.

- Better a lion day than a hundred sheep.

- Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow.

- Wife and oxes of your country.

- One Pope dies if he makes another.

Proverbs with the N.

- Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you want.

- Nobody is born learned.

- It kills the tongue more than the sword.

- There's no two without three.

- There is no smoke without roasting.

- There is no worse deaf person than someone who does not want to hear.

- There's no rose without thorns.

- Don't say cat if you don't have it in the bag.

- What is beautiful is not beautiful, but what you like is beautiful.

- All that glitters is not gold.

- Do not wake the sleeping dog.

- Not all donuts succeed with the hole.

- Do not sell bear skin before killing it.

- Clouds of sheep, rain in pails.

Proverbs with the O

- Eye does not see, heart does not hurt.

- Every good game does not last long.

- Every left is lost.

- Each medal has its reverse side.

- Everyone is the best doctor of himself.

- Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

Proverbs with the P

- Country you go, custom you find.

- Relatives, snakes

- Clear agreements long friendship.

- After the party, gabbato lo Santo.

- Little is always better than nothing.

- First think, then speak, because little-thought words bring pain

Proverbs with the Q

- When there is health, there is everything.

- When it is stormy every hole is a port.

- When the devil caresses you, he wants the soul.

- When the cat is not there, the mice dance.

- When you lose you laugh, when you win you smile.

- When a door is closed, a door opens.

- The one who doesn't choke gets fat.

Proverbs with the R.

- Laughs best who laughs last.

- Red sky at night, good weather hopefully.

- Red in the morning, the snow is approaching.

Proverbs with S.

- Joke with the infantrymen but leave the saints alone.

- If the troubles of the others were known, everyone would take back his own.

- If they are roses they will bloom, if they are thorns they will sting.

- Only to death there is no remedy.

- Above the clouds there is always clear skies.

- Wet bride lucky bride.

- Being silent, you can live a hundred years.

Proverbs with the T

- Like father Like Son.

- So much the cat lard that leaves us the paw.

- Between two parties, the third gains.

- Between saying and doing there is the sea.

- Between wife and husband do not put your finger.

- All roads lead to Rome.

- All psalms end in Glory.

- All is well that ends well.

- The whole world is country.

- Pull more hair than a hundred pairs of oxen.

Proverbs with the U

- One hand washes the other.

- A swallow is not spring.

- Forewarned is forearmed.

Proverbs with the V

- Practice is more important than grammar.

- Old age with patience prolongs existence.

- Those who take the world as it comes live well.

- People's voice, God's voice.

- Wanting is power.

Proverbs with the Z

- Zotic and villains argued with their feet.

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