Farewell phrases: messages and ways to say goodbye


Farewell phrases, words, messages and ways to greet a person forever that we will probably never see again in our earthly life.

Messages to say goodbye

- Saying goodbye is very difficult, but always remember that a part of you will always remain in my heart! I will never forget you!

- Those who think it is necessary to philosophize must philosophize and those who think they should not philosophize must philosophize to demonstrate that they should not philosophize; therefore one must philosophize in any case or leave here, saying goodbye to life, since all other things seem to be just chatter and vaniloqui. (Aristotle)

- There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart. (Mahatma Gandhi)

- I never said goodbye to anyone. I never let the people I care about leave. Yes, because I take them with me wherever I go. In my heart.

- The story of a life is shorter than the blink of an eye. The story of a love is hello and goodbye until we meet again. (Jimi Hendrix)

- Please don't look at me like that, my heart breaks but I have to do it. Goodbye!

- I think life is nothing more than an act of separation, but the thing that creates more pain is not taking a moment for a goodbye. (Suraj Sharma)

- Don't be sad if I say goodbye. A farewell is necessary to return to meet. And a meeting, for those who are true friends, is inevitable.

- Man's feelings are increasingly pure and bright in the hour of meeting and farewell. (Jean Paul Richter)

- Please, it would be useless to go back now. Let's take the decision taken to the end ... and Goodbye!

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- What is that feeling when you move away from people and they remain on the plain until you see them as little spots that disperse? ... It is the world too vast that dominates us, and it is farewell. But we are aiming for the next crazy adventure under the skies. (Jack Kerouac)

- Generally they prefer to avoid long goodbyes, aware of how those few more minutes spent together end up causing more pain than comfort. (Guillaume Musso)

- There was a single, clear star in the rose-colored sky, a boat launched a disconsolate farewell, and I felt in my throat the Gordian knot of all the loves that could have been and had not been. (Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

Phrases to say goodbye

- Every time I say goodbye I die inside. And every time I meet you, I feel in paradise.

- When they are forever, goodbyes should be quick. (Lord Byron)

- Goodbye, maybe we will meet in another life, but, in this one, our time has largely expired.

- Nobody dares to say goodbye to a habit. Many suicides stopped on the threshold of death for the memory of the coffee where they go every night to make their domino game. (Honoré De Balzac)

- Far away, I was with you when your father entered the shadows and left you his farewell. (Eugenio Montale)

- I want ours to be a farewell kiss, but not to mark an end: to seal in the sweetest way a precious feeling, so that it remains forever pure and intact in our hearts.

- I mean I left schools and places without even knowing I was leaving them. It's something I hate. Whether the farewell is sad or ugly I don't care, but when I leave a place I like to know, that I'm leaving it. If not, you feel even worse. (J.D.Salinger)

My lips may say goodbye to you, but my heart is not yet capable of it. It will never be, until the sweetness of a smile can replace my bitter cry ... every time the memory of the two of us reappears.

- If it is true that money speaks, the only thing I have heard him say is goodbye. (Lawson)

- Goodbye! God only knows when we will meet again. (William Shakespeare)

- Leaving is the fate of all humanity. The world is a theater of continuous absences and the hands that today grasp the cordial greeting have long been condemned to unite for the last time, when trembling lips pronounce the word: Goodbye. (Robert Michael Ballantyne)

- It will be impossible to forget you, you will remain engraved in my heart forever. Goodbye.

- Saying goodbye is such a sweet pain that I would say goodbye until tomorrow. (William Shakespeare)

Ways to say goodbye

- Far from me you will be happier and soon you will have the world in your hand. I will never forget you. Take care of yourself…

- The indifferent gaze is a perpetual farewell. (Malcolm De Chazal)

- When you said goodbye, you ripped my soul from my body.Time is said to heal every wound, but the salt of my tears burns more every day.

- Goodbye world, I'm going with God! (Ciro Menotti)

- If I obeyed the first impulse I would spend the days writing letters of insults and farewell. (Emil Cioran)

- I wish we could talk longer, but I'm going to have an old friend for dinner tonight. Goodbye. (Hannibal Lecter from the movie "The silence of the innocent")

- The tears of a farewell tear our hearts like the sharp blade of a sword destroys the flesh. (Renèe O’Connor)

- You disappointed me. You who called me princess and you were my prince ... now you will remain only one memory and I simply say goodbye.

- Don't be dismayed by the goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before we can meet again. And finding oneself after moments or existences is certain for those who are friends. (Richard Back)

- Saying goodbye doesn't matter. It is the time spent together that really matters. (Trey Parker)

- People come home for many reasons: they come back to remember, they come back because they have nowhere else to go, they come back when they are in crisis, they come back when they are proud of themselves, they go home to look for a window on their past, or a road to the future; people come home for many reasons, but they always come back to say goodbye. (Dakota Fanning)

- Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting. (J.M. Barrie)

- Oh Carnia nuts goodbye! My thought wanders among your branches, dreaming of the shadows of the past! (Giosuè Carducci)

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