February 10: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the 10 February is Saint Scholastica, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

Saint Scholastica

Sister of San Benedetto, Scholastica was born in Norcia around 480, consecrated herself to God following the example of her brother, who followed in Cassino, where she died around the year 547.

She was the daughter of Eutropio Anicio, descendant of the ancient Roman senatorial family of the Anicii and Captain General of the Romans in the region of Norcia, and of Claudia Abondantia Reguardati, countess of Norcia who died immediately after giving birth to the twins.

The father, who had taken care of the two children, had vowed to assign Scholastica to monastic life.

The news on Santa Scolastica comes mainly from the "Dialogues" of San Gregorio Magno.

She was a virgin and wise woman, who put charity and pure contemplation before simple human rules and institutions, as she showed in her last conversation with her brother, when with the strength of her prayer she managed to do more because she loved more.

The relics of Santa Scolastica and San Benedetto are preserved under the main altar of the basilica of Montecassino as well as in the Church of Sant'Apollinare in Rome.

Other saints and celebrations of February 10

  • Blessed Alojzije Viktor Stepinac
  • Bishop and martyr

  • Santa Austreberta
  • Abbess of Pavilly

  • Saints Caralampo, Porfirio and Bapto
  • Martyrs

  • Blessed Chiara Agolanti from Rimini
  • Clarissa

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