February 13: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day February 13 is Sante Fosca and Maura, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

Saints Fosca and Maura

In a set of Gospel passages that speak of the passion of Jesus, Fosca is remembered together with Maura, recounting his conversion to Christ and the martyrdom immediately.

Fosca, who was born into a pagan family in Ravenna, became a Christian at 15 years of age, together with her nurse Maura, with whom she was educated and baptized by the priest Ermolao.

The father's attempts to induce his daughter to deny her Christian faith were of no use.

Reported to the prefect Quinziano, she was first removed from arrest thanks to the intervention of an angel but then, together with Maura, it was she herself who voluntarily presented himself to the prefect.

Fosca and Maura were both tried on February 13, tortured and eventually killed by beheading.

Their bodies were transported to Tripolitania, where they were buried in the caves near Sabratha.

Many years later Valente, who was a Christian, brought their relics back to Italy, to the island of Torcello in the Venetian lagoon, where a church was built in honor of the two martyrs.

Despite not having chronological indications, the later hagiographers and the Roman Martyrology who validates the opinion, believe that their martyrdom is to be placed in the period of the persecution of Decius.

Other saints and celebrations on February 13th

  • San Benigno di Todi
  • Martyr

  • San Castore
  • Blessed Cristina from Spoleto
  • Blessed Eustochio (Lucrezia) Bellini of Padua
  • Virgin

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  • Saint Stephen of Lyon
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