February 20: saint of the day, name day


The saint on February 20 is Saint Eleuterio of Tournai, which name day is celebrated and other saints are celebrated on this date.

St. Eleuterio of Tournai

Eleuterio, who was Bishop of Tournai, is undoubtedly a name in disuse in our times.

On the contrary, however, this personal name was widely used during the first centuries of the Christian era, in fact as many as fourteen saints bear this name and each is distinguished from the others exclusively on the basis of the city of origin.

Among the saints named Eleuterio there is also a Pontiff, who led the church for three decades, between 175 and 189 after Christ.

The memory of this Pope is celebrated on May 26 as a martyr, although there is no historical testimony to be considered as proof of martyrdom.

Without this premise, on the 20 February two saints bearing the same name are remembered, one is Sant'Eleuterio di Tournai while the other is Sant'Eleuterio di Costantinopoli, a pious man who had the extraordinary merit of leading the religious community of Byzantium in a rather long period of time although not better specified.

Saint Eleuterio in question, originally from Belgium, still enjoys a great devotion today in extensive territories of northern Europe.

The most relevant news of his life does not come to us from historically reliable texts, but from a very large and full-bodied biography written by San Menardo, who was a peer of Eleuterio, as well as a fraternal friend from childhood.

Eleutherius was probably born in 456 and died in 531, or seventy-five years later.

Whatever the year of birth, it is known with certainty that Euleterio lived in a very particular historical moment for Gaul, affected at that time by barbarian raids from neighboring lands.

In addition to this, Gaul was also targeted by King Clodoveo who, once the invasion began and conquered a fair number of territories, chose Tournai as the main city and capital of the new kingdom.

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Eleutherius was named bishop of that city in 484 after Christ, and was one of the fundamental characters for the conversion of the king to the Christian religion.

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