February 21: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day February 21 is San Pier Damiani, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

San Pier Damiani

Born and immediately orphaned in 1007 in Ravenna, after spending a childhood of hardship, he quickly finished his school career and became a professor at the University of Parma.

After a few years he left teaching and retired to the Camaldonian monastery of Fonte Avellara.

He wanted nothing but solitude, prayer and meditation.

The evils of the time were simony, which consisted of the trade in ecclesiastical offices, and Nicolaism, which was incontinence infiltrated in the clergy, with which celibacy was too easily broken.

Pier Damiani opposed these prayers and his writings, as well as his work as a reformer and moralist.

He was especially close to San Gregorio VII, the Pope who was to crown the reform work and put an end to the investiture struggle.

When he was elected Bishop and Cardinal, Pier Damiani wanted only the peace of his monastery, where he always returned as a simple monk and from which he returned obediently as soon as he was asked to do so.

After completing his last mission to Ravenna, Faenza died of illness in 1072.

Later he obtained the title of Doctor of the Church.

Other saints and celebrations on February 21st

  • Sant'Eleonora
  • Queen of England

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