February 3: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 3 February is San Biagio, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

San Biagio

Biagio, who lived between the third and fourth centuries, was bishop and doctor in Sebaste in Cappadocia.

After escaping from the city, when Licinius' persecution was taking place, he found refuge in a cave and from there he was able to continue to secretly carry out his work as an evangelizer.

Discovered, he was thrown into prison, from where he performed several miracles, was subsequently tried.

Since he refused to deny his Christian faith, he was first tortured with sharp iron combs that tore off his skin and then beheaded.

When he was about to die a woman brought him a boy for whom the doctors no longer gave any hope of life, due to a herringbone stuck in the throat that was suffocating him, but Biagio did the miracle of healing him.

For this reason San Biagio is considered the protector of all the evils of the gorge.

The body of San Biagio was buried in the Sebaste cathedral.

In 732 an urn containing a part of its mortal remains was embarked to be transported to Rome, but a storm caused navigation to stop along the coast of Maratea, where a group of faithful devotedly received the relic container and placed it in the Basilica della small town.

The chapel where the relics had been placed was placed under the control of the Royal Curia by King Philip IV of Habsburg, with a royal letter dated 23 December 1629.

Other saints and celebrations on February 3

  • Santa Vanessa
  • Sant ’Oscar (Ansgario)
  • Bishop

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  • Sant ’Adelino di Celles
  • Abbot

  • Sant'Anna
  • Widow and prophetess

  • Saint Berlinda of Meerbeke
  • San Celerino of Carthage
  • Martyr

  • Santa Claudina Thevenet (Maria di S. Ignazio)
  • Religious

  • Blessed Elinando
  • Monk in Froidmont

  • Blessed Giovanni Nelson
  • Priest and martyr

  • San Leonio
  • Priest

  • San Lupicino
  • Bishop

  • Blessed Maria Anna Rivier
  • Founder

  • Blessed Maria Elena Stollenwerk
  • Founder

  • San Remedio di Gap
  • Bishop

  • San Simeone the Elder
  • San Tigrido (Teridio) of Gap
  • Bishop

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